Do you have a BIG BASS picture (5 lbs or over)? Email us below and we will add it to our BIG FISH Pages! (Please include weight, Lake caught, and lure used)

Bart M. Trainor : 9.9 lbs. Caught on Speed Trap in mid-California Delta.

Steven C. Neuhaus: 8.2 lbs. Caught on Vyper Spinnerbait in the California Delta.

Kathy D. Brown : 11.2 lbs. Caught on Zoom lizard in mid- California Delta.

Alfred E. Scott : 5.6 lbs Caught on Zoom Fluke in the California Delta.

Frank J. Tant : 8.3 lbs Caught on worm at night at Henderson Point, Clear Lake, California.

Brandon A. Disney 5.3 lbs Caught on a Weapon jig at night on Henderson point, Clear Lake, California

Edwin K. Pennell : 8lbs +, caught on a zoom lizard near Frank’s Track in the California, Delta

William C. Tolley : 4lbs & 5lbs, caught on a Vyper Buzzbait in the California Delta

James E. Gillespie : caught on a Johnson’s silver minnow at Noname Lake, Rohnert Park, California.

Donald M. Decamp : 6.5lbs., caught on a jig in Lower Lake, Clear Lake, California.

Gerald T. Hills : 5lbs.& 6lbs., caught split-shotting a #11- 6″ Magic Worm at Horseshoe, Clear Lake, California.

Shawn A. Fraga : 5lbs., caught crankin’, at mouth of Rodman Slough, Clear Lake, California.

Fernando K. Scales : 5.5 lbs caught on a red crank bait in the North end of Clearlake, Calfornia.

Stanley C. Haas : 12.8 lbs caught on a jig with a Buddha Bug Trailer in the California Delta.

Carl T. Friel : 6.3 lbs caught on a crank bait in the California Delta.

Jack C. Moreno : 6.2 lbs caught on a Vyper spinnerbait in Clearlake, California.

Leslie S. Nagle : 9.61 lbs. & 4.88 lbs Caught on a purple and black Weapon Jig in the California Delta.

Steven C. Strode : 5.01 lbs. caught in a Las Vegas Bass Club Tournament on a black and red jig at Lake Mead.